What's in a Name?

Who is Quixotically Chaotic? Why is she blogging? Well, let's see. I'm in my 40's. I've been married for many many years. I have four children, two who I birthed, one of which I picked out of too many children to count (state wide special needs adoption) and one who was picked for us by an amazing adoption social worker who knew we'd have the patience to care for her and her needs (domestic adoption but special needs child). I have one son-in-law and one step-grandson. My life hasn't been, isn't and likely won't ever been *easy*. I'd love for it to be, but it just isn't in the cards for me. It certainly is interesting! I blog about my stories from my table in starbucks, my antics with and by my children, vents about my husband (and yes, he reads this) and just my day to day struggles and accomplishments. I also occasionally will post an article by a guest blogger and I do reviews and giveaways from time to time. I may not share the same views as my readers, I may be a little more candid than most, I may cuss once or twice, I may sound totally off base and a little crazy sometimes. It's all me. If I offend anyone, it's not my intention. I can't please everyone, but would never intentionally hurt someone, either.

I have been described as the most non-judgmental person on the planet. I'm also the "go to" person when someone needs to talk. I suppose it's just my nature. When I was younger I wanted to be a social worker/therapist/psychologist/etc. Something in the psych field. It must be in my blood. Eventually I may go back to school to finish my degree.....

Well, I think that's about it in a nutshell.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you follow me, leave a comment or two and come back often to read what I have to say!

oh, you may wonder why the name Quixotically Chaotic...... well, my life is constant chaos and in general, my ideals are very impractical, almost to the point of being foolish. The name just fits. ;-)