Tuesday, February 27, 2001

I am too tired to write. I'll cut and paste the letter I wrote to my MIL and the one I wrote to her comments today....just so you know what is going on.

Jenna had surgery today. She had her tonsils and adenoids out. The surgery was at 8:30 am and she was done by 8:45. She was in recovery for a few hours and then in the short procedure recovery for a few hours. She can't keep anything down so they transported her by ambulance to the other hospital (D*** has two hospitals, East and West. the one is just for clinics and outpatient surgery. the other is for long term stays and emergency. Anyway, at 2:30 they took her to the other hospital and got her into a room. I hadn't heard from Roger from then until right at 5pm. They moved her to another room and got her comfortable. She's peed a few times (one of the requirements) but she is still throwing up everything. she hasn't kept anything down yet. :-(

Roger and my mom are with her. I stayed home with Jonathan. This is upsetting to me. I decided to stay home because Jonathan and I are both sick with the flu and no one would watch him for us so I could go with. I didn't want to deal with him in a waiting room all day :-( Now I really wish I had gone :-(

She may end up admitted. If that happens Roger said he'd come get me, go back to the hospital (it's an hour from here) drop me off, get my mom, take her home and come home for the night with Jonathan. What a pain :-(

I don't know her room number, but the hospital number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. I think that's the one. There's east and west. I think she is now in west.
I called Roger on the cell phone a few times. If you want to call him on that and leave a message (he doesn't have the phone on in the hospital) it's XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Jonathan is sleepy so I am going to go snuggle with him a bit

I'll update you later on Jenna's condition.


and the reply to their concerns from today:

Hi Mom and Dad!

We are home. Jenna had the night from hell last night. My poor baby had so
much anxiety. She spazzed at one point because I had to go to the bathroom,
down the hall. Poor kiddo :-( She kept waking me up last night in a
terror, tears in her eyes. All the beeps, talking, lights, paging, etc, she
wasn't used to it at all.

I didn't have a bed or even a comfortable chair, so I snuggled with Jenna
for a while, off and on. Then sat in the hard back chair for a while,
walked the halls when I thought she was sleeping. I finally quit looking at
the clock at 5:30 and woke up when the dr came in at 7. He was all dressed
in black, head to toe and I sat there and thought, shit, I'm being 'touched
by an angel' and he's coming for one of us in this room. LMAO. Of course I
recognized that it was Dr Roscoe and he didn't even wake Jenna up. He said
if she drank a good breakfast (wasn't at all concerned about the solids)
that she could go home. She ate all of hers, half the neighbor's and then
requested more! Needless to say the IV came out around 9 and we were out
the door by 9:30 :-)

She is resting, in pain, but resting. Who ever said that a
tonsilectomy/adenoidectomy was easy never had one. :-(

I never noticed her anxiety/panic before although her new psychiatrist has
diagnosed her with panic disorder. I now see that is correct. Her heart
rate kept going up and up last night and the only thing that comforted her
was me holding her :-)

At any rate, we're home, we're tired and we're on the mend.

and just to remind myself, so I can write about it later (as if I could possibly forget), some people should have mandatory parenting classes before they ever have children. The precious child in the same room with us has the egg donor from hell. I couldn't even bring myself to call her a mother. :-( My heart is still aching for that child. Even Jenna, who was so sick she couldn't move a good bit of the time, was getting angry and was about ready to jump out of her bed and snatch the kid from her mother. She restrained herself (thank God) but if she had been feeling a little better I think that mother would have had a raging bipolar child to deal with. LMAO

Anyway, just had to say that, I may write more later on that experience. Right now I am too drained physically and emotionally.
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