Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

My husband went up to school this morning, to see why Jenna's lunch money is messed up, and he was greeted by the principal. He asked if Roger was there to pick up Jenna, our 9 yr old. Um, no, why? We thought maybe she got into a fight or had a problem of some sort.....the principal said, well, we have a bit of a 'situation' today, there was a bomb threat at the high school and all the kids are in the gymnasium (in both schools) while the bomb sniffer dog is searching the schools. Well, being a man, R said, nope I don't want jenna, just want to find out about her lunch money, I'll come back tomorrow, and LEFT! Hello! I would have grabbed Jenna and been out the door in a flash. So he comes home and told me what was going on. I called my mom (my brother is in 9th grade) and she called the school, preparing to go get Josh, my brother. They told her that the kids would be leaving early, in fact some were leaving then, so she didn't go get him. He arrived home shortly after noon (it was around 10 or so that mom called) without his coat or backpack or anything, the kids were just put on the bus and sent home. there were other problems, josh's bus left without kids at first then came back. (????) and other stuff went on that was just bizarre.

Jenna got home right at 12:30. all hyper of course. rumors are flying already.

So much for my quiet afternoon to myself :-)

I have been listening to the scanner, we have it set for the police, fire and ambulance. I've been listening to it and they are talking about the school and the bomb threat on it. I hope they got it all taken care of. Jenna said all this started first thing this morning, so the kids didn't do a thing this morning except stand in the gymnasium.

Then, I get a phone call a little while ago, Jonathan's school bus broke down and he will be late getting home.....

Is it really not Monday?
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