Sunday, July 29, 2001


today we took Jenna 2 hours from home and dropped her off. She is at Girl Scout camp for a week She did wonderfully. I still feel like crying, but I won't! I'm going to be strong I keep wondering how she is, what is she doing right now, is she adjusting ok? It's killing me not knowing. lol

Jonathan woke up sick last night. I have a feeling it's the beginning of an ear infection, but it might just be a cold. He was such a trooper today but I know he just doesn't feel good.

We went shopping today and I bought an MP3 player. I am so disappointed with it. Needless to say this thing is going back. grrrrrrr Now starts the quest for the perfect MP3 player.

My aunt is in town. she is in her 80's and I haven't seen her in years. Do you think I was told about her being in town? No. I didn't know about it until today, when at 9:30pm she called me to tell me she was in town. NO mention of visiting her or whatever. I thought, fine. Be that way. *sigh* I would have loved to have seen her, but I guess that just wasn't the plan.

We got 2 budgies the other day. Did I already mention that? I am clueless as to how to care for these beautiful creatures. Tomorrow we're taking them to the pet store to get their wings clipped and claws trimmed. Their names are Lucky and Dolly LOL If I get a chance I'll get their picture with the digi.

Oh, I took some pictures of Jenna when we were at the camp. I'll have to download them too.

I miss her!!!!
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