Thursday, March 22, 2007

what in the world is happening to me?

I seem to have an infected salivary gland! WTH???? I go to the dr tomorrow to have her take a look. I have a problem with people looking in my mouth. I even avoid the dentist (don't bash me, I just have huge dental phobia!) and well, this is sufficiently freaking me out. "I wish I had a Valium" freaking me out. LOL!!!! I have been a salivating fool the last 4 days and well, I just want my Mommy, dammit! I called her today and she said, I'm here for you honey and I said but dammit, you are not HERE for me! I want you to hold me and make it go away!!!! Bah. What a huge pain in my ass this is becoming, and fast.

What in the world can they do for a freaking swollen salivary gland?????
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