Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hint of.....Mint?

My friend Evie has been drinking Metro Mint water for a while now. She says it helps with her cancer treatments. So, I tried it. I loved it. I wanted to get more, but at the store, the shelf was bare. Above it was a wide assortment of flavored waters called Hint of.... and then the flavor, so Hint of Grapefruit, Hint of Citrus, Hint of...Pear, Grape, etc. Well, I saw Hint of Mint and grabbed 6 of them to get me through unti my Metro Mint is in. Hmmm....I am not going back to Metro Mint. Sure, it was good, but this hint of mint stuff is the BOMB. OH MY WORD. I haven't tasted better water EVER. It's like tossing a mentos in your mouth, then taking a big swig of ice cold water. Heaven in a bottle. It's all I drink now. There's no sugar, no sweetner, nothing but water and mint.

So I emailed the company and the CEO wrote back to thank me. I wrote back and said no, thank YOU....and I am going to be a Hint Hero! How cool is that? I'm stoked. :-)
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