Saturday, April 28, 2007

some thoughts about husbands

My husband and I had an interesting conversation this morning. While I was in the shower, I thought, wow, this would be something interesting to blog about and get others' opinions on the subject.

He admitted to me that he is pushing Jonathan to participate in sports, so he can spend time with him. Now, do you see the logic in that? My husband was not in many sports, nor did he spend much time with his father. He thinks that by putting Jonathan in many sports, then taking him to said sporting events and practices, that he's doing better than his own father. This makes me so sad. does he not realize that sometimes Jonathan just wants to be? He'd be so content to just sit on the deck, with a coke, and his dad at his side, just talking about the weather that day. He doesn't need to be in sports to feel that closeness. Ya know?

I wish I could just hug my husband and tell him Jonathan adores him without having to jump through those hoops, but it would just fall on deaf ears. really.
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