Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hope's MRI Update!

I got a call from the Neurologist yesterday. It was confirmed that Hope had a stroke. That's what they call it. It is in the right frontal lobe and is the cause of her left side hemiparesis. We knew this, anticipated this and hoped this is all they would find on the MRI. It was. So it's all good.We see him again June 12th to fully go over the MRI report, ask any questions and take it from there.She sees the Opthamologist on Monday to determine if she has vision issues or if her eye problems are *just* related to the muscle weakness. It's possible.Now if she'd just take a nap today, life would be sweet. For some reason, I think she isn't gonna do it, though. She will not nap for me....I don't know why. OH, and she took her first steps last night! She took 4 steps all unassisted ON HER OWN. Bless her heart! But then she fell and wouldn't try it again.
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