Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just a Mommy Rant for this Morning

I can't wait for Hope to be done with formula. You know, I'm not generally an obsessive person regarding the food/beverages I use for my family OR my pets...until now. Every time I open a bottle of formula (we use the ready made) I am fearful that the next day there will be a recall on the product. Every time I open a dog food pouch, same feeling.... jarred baby foods have been recalled, I don't use them much, any more.....

I'm becoming obsessed about this. We are going to make our dogs' own food. That's all fine and well, until the chicken breasts I buy at the store are recalled.

What's left? Buy a farm and raise my own food (both animal and plant?)

Sorry. I think I just needed to vent there a bit!
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