Thursday, December 4, 2008

7 things.....

I *borrowed* this tag thingy from Jamie even though she didn't tag me. See how I am? LOL! Desperate, maybe?

At any rate, I thought it would be cool to list 7 things about me that perhaps not many know? At least I think that's what I'm supposed to do!!!

1. I met my husband through Dear Abby. :-D Crazy, huh? We got married 2 weeks after we met. In February it will be 20 years!

2. I had a son who was stillborn almost 17 years ago and I still think about *what if* and *should be* all the time. In fact, I sometimes sit and think *x number of years ago I was still pregnant* especially this time of year. I was on bedrest 17 years ago today.

3. Not many people know that I planned on divorcing my husband when my oldest daughter was 2, because I felt my presence in his life only brought him pain, loss and suffering. I was preparing to move in with a friend and my husband was preparing to move with our daughter to another town when he asked me to reconsider, and I did. I am ever so thankful I made that decision.

4. I am a college drop out. I had a trust fund set up for me by an uncle. Instead of finishing college, I got married and played house with the money. LOL!!!! Money well spent, I suppose, but I do wish I had gotten my degree.

5. My dream in life is to be a writer. Not of the lengthy novels, I don't have the patience for that, but of magazine articles and such. I keep thinking I just need the *TIME* and well, with my 4 kids, time isn't something I have.

6. Another interesting thing to note that I be nobody knows except for my husband and my Pastor from my home church. I planned, at one point in my life, to go to the Seminary and become a Lutheran Pastor. Know what stopped me? I was petrified at the thought of public speaking and dreaded the thought of writing a lengthy, intelligent sermon every week. HA!!!!!! God still wants me.....and I'm still scared.

7. And the last not commonly known fact about me? Well, it is known by my circle of friends but aside from that... I don't have a driver's license. My husband likes to tell people I lost it permanently for reckless driving or other such nonsense. But the truth of the matter is I've never had it, never learned to drive and I'm scared to death to drive, so there. :-P

Now, I must tag others.....

So how about Heidi, Dana, Mandy, Abby,Cheryl and I guess that's good for now. I hope you all play along!
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