Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I always have so much stuff in my head

I've been feeling chatty lately. There is just so much going on between Christmas and the whole holiday season, Jenna's work, my work, dh's sleep study- which is tomorrow, Hope's appointment to be fitted for a new brace-also tomorrow, Hope's eye dr appt that was today-she is getting glasses!- and on and on. I feel like if I could just unzip my head and scoop out all this nonsense, I'd be able to go to bed and SLEEP! But instead I'm sitting here thinking of Hope (again!) and her glasses and all the things the eye dr told us today.

Did you know there is a connection to the way you hold/grip a pen/pencil and your vision, which can lead to problems learning? Who knew? Well, Hope's eye dr does and he explained it to us! It's just wild. I think the man is a genius. He thinks outside the box and isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, no matter how unconventional it is.

So, we asked if we could get Hope a pair of glasses with the prism lenses in them. Her prism glasses are WAY too big but it's super expensive to get the child size. So he said sure! I found the cutest pair of glasses online and ordered them today. The dr will order the smaller size prisms and she will have a new set of glasses after the new year! How sweet is that?

I learned so much today.

Tomorrow (well, today since it is 1:30am) Hope will be fitted for a new brace. I hope the turn around time is quick, like a week or less! She's been without it since Thanksgiving and her wiggling and lopsided gait is getting worse. Between a new brace and her new glasses, she will be a new kid! ;-) Stylin and profilin!

Well, I should stop here and go read a while in hopes I'll settle down enough to sleep.
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