Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's been one of those days................

I'm ready to throw in the towel. I haven't had a bad day like this since I started my antidepressants. LOL!!!!! Seriously. This was a bad bad day. I would ask for a do-over, but I really don't want to go through another Sunday when I don't have to. Really. In fact, Monday used to be my favorite day of the week. That was when all of my children returned to school and I could take a nap on the couch, with my dogs. Then I started homeschooling Jenna....Then Hope came along....And now I'm homeschooling Jonathan. So while my Mondays aren't nearly as idyllic as they used to be, they aren't bad. Jenna usually has work or if she doesn't, she sleeps in and I don't see her until noon. Jonathan sleeps in, Jessica is off to school at 7am, and Hope usually sleeps until 9 or so. I purposefully didn't schedule any therapies for Monday because my house is usually beyond trashed by Monday morning. I like to get up, prepare Hope's breakfast, then settle in to read emails and the like. Then I'll run the vacuum and tidy up the living room and powder room. By then I'm exhausted and sit down to watch an episode of Dora or two. LOL! But my point is, Mondays are usually more low key than any other day, and I like that. So I don't want to do over a Sunday. NO WAY.

Why was today so rotten? Hope cried no, make that screamed ALL LIVE LONG DAY. I know she's miserable. I know she's sick, but holy cow can that child SCREAM. The madder she got, the more violent she became. She was biting at her hands, pulling MY hair (like I can help it she doesn't feel good? sure, logic and two year olds do NOT go hand in hand, I realize that.) Oh but then she hauled off and slapped me across the face. WTH???????? Oh HELLO sugar. NO HITTING MOMMY. HA! that was a prime invitation to do it again. She was just so miserable. Of course Daddy came home and her face lit up, she wiped her tears and dove for his arms. Fine. Whatever! I'm a big girl, I can take it!

My sweet husband decided to give me a break this morning by taking Jessica with him to Jonathan's lacrosse camp. What he didn't understand was that Jessica was NOT my problem today, Hope was and he could have taken her instead. LOL!

Then he took Jess AGAIN when they went looking for a new lacrosse stick/pole/whatever the heck it's you know how expensive lacrosse is? I bet it ranks up there with hockey for crying out loud. And how many poles does a kid need anyway? Short, long, goalie...each one not under $100.....ugh. Then the pads, the helmet, and so on and so on. Good grief! So anyway, I'm alone with this demon child who I'm afraid is going to do the Linda Blair exorcist scene and spew puke all over herself and me while spinning her head in circles.....I was wrong though, that didn't happen. Oh no, it came out the OTHER end, and in massive quantities. I guess that's better than puke? I think? The verdict is still out on that one.

Finally everyone came home, announced they were tired/going to play xbox/wanted to watch tv and I was once again holding baby. Good thing she is cute even when she stinks, right?

Finally daddy thought perhaps she needed a nap. Bless you Daddy! She slept for a LONG LONG time and it was bliss for a while.

And I secretly chuckled to myself when he found her with a very very dirty diaper, one less that I had to change today.....

So I sat here in my computer chair, in my living room, commenting on how the dogs really smelled bad and apparently needed a bath. But I couldn't smell it on THEM, just around them. Imagine my surprise and shock when I moved Hope's play yard and found not one, but two dried puddles of well, you know. The icky stuff that comes out the other end. So much for secretly laughing at dh changing a very yucky diaper.

So I pulled out the steam cleaner and cleaned up the mess....

Tomorrow is garbage day. Dh went to bed without taking it out because his tummy is still tender (that happens when you've been sick for a week and decide to go to Chili's for dinner, huh? ding dong!) I, in my infinite wisdom of today, decide that I can take it out. Well, to explain how the next blooper happened, I have to describe our home a bit. We live in a townehome. We have a deck, not a ground floor patio, that we keep our trash cans on and once a week we drag them through our kitchen and living room to take them out to the curb. With me so far? So I decide that Jonathan and I can do this fairly easy, right? We have a baby gate between the kitchen and living room (makes sense, with Hope and all) and we have to lift the trash cans over the gate, as they are too big to go through the gate. The one trash can is huge...and heavy. Apparently too heavy for Jonathan and me to lift. We tried not once, but twice and no dice. So I came up with the brillant idea of lifting it high enough to balance on a kitchen chair, drag the chair over to the gate and lift it the few inches above the gate. Ok, so that plan didn't work at all, in fact, it failed miserably. Jonathan and I decided to get it from the bottom and lift lift lift with all our might. It went wonderfully well and he thought we cleared the gate. His hands got cold and he dropped and I mean DROPPED his end, right ON the gate. Oh my stars was I mad. I was so mad I saw stars. (which only meant my blood pressure went through the roof). I couldn't yell because 3/4 of our family was already asleep. I was, however, very very angry at Jonathan for first of all dropping the can and second of all, dropping it ON the very gate we heaved and hoed to get it over. Ugh. So while I sat there fixing the gate, he sulked because I hurt his feelings. HA! Instead of helping him take the trash out, he did it all by himself. And I must say, he did a fine job. Perhaps the cold helped him cool off a bit because we are both giving each other the silent treatment now, rather than muttering under our breath.

I'm thankful that Sunday is coming to an end.
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