Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sleep? What's That?

As if I thought I really could sleep tonight. HA! Who was I kidding? Last night I fell asleep fairly early, but woke up shortly after midnight and didn't fall asleep again until closer to 7am. Of course anyone who has 2 year olds knows that they won't sleep past 8, i you are lucky. Hope is no exception to that rule. She usually starts to stir around 8 or so and I can sometimes hold her off until 9, if I'm really really quiet and don't get up to go to the bathroom. What's the point of laying in bed having to pee (to the point that you can't fall back to sleep) just so the baby will stay asleep? Go ponder that one. :-)

I'm going to try to sleep tonight. I need sleep tonight. I have so much I'd like to productively do tomorrow! I mean, I do have a life, or at least I did prior to surgery. It's been one month now and while I'm feeling better physically, my incisions are healing nicely, I'm so happy to not be having a period any more, this insomnia is just a bear. The night sweats are just, well, gross. The irritability is irritating. I know that this all will pass. Most unpleasant things do, eventually. I am just so DONE with this nonsense.
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