Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thoughts on a Tuesday

Is it Tuesday? Already? I am still trying to get through Monday. The days seem to fly by so quickly.

I'm waiting for two of my teens to get up, the "baby" (can I call her that, at 3?) is enjoying a bit of Noggin while I have a Mommy break. I wanted to play along with 5 Minutes for Mom's Tackle it Tuesday. I don't have pictures (before OR after) but really should go and take a half-before/half-after (we have half the room done!) Jenna and I are tackling her room. OH this is not a task for the weak at heart. She has 17 years of treasures stuffed in the nooks and crannies of an 8x9 room. HA! No easy feat. Add to that her brother's treasures and a few of mine, I'm finding, and you have a huge mess. Boxes and bags of stuff everywhere. So far we've collected 3 large trash bags of honest trash out of that room and we're not to the good stuff yet! I can't believe the stuff we're finding! It's frightening! One thing is for certain. She has more jewelry than Claire's and more clothes than 3 girls put together! Oh, and the purses and shoes! CRAZY. I told her we'll get through it one item at a time. So far we've put in about 15 hours. I see another 15 before it's done. ;-)

While this transformation is going on, the rest of my house is becoming that which one would see on COPS, minus the cockroaches. LOL! I swear, I live with wild animals. They don't know where a trash can is, how to wash a dish, and did you know that every member of my family, including the baby, knows how to step OVER a piece of straw paper on the floor, but not one of them knows how to bend over and pick it UP? Yep, that's my family!

To make life more interesting, I'm going back *home* this Thursday through Sunday to help my brother again. Last time I did this, my house was such a mess, I couldn't walk into the living room. I'm really hoping that it's better this time. HINT HINT!

Well, I'm off to do the many chores that I assign to myself! A mother's work is never done. :-)
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