Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hope Says-----Give me my Wii!!!!! Please!

Do you have a Wii? Do you have older children who play the Wii? Do you also have younger children who want to play the Wii? Then this is for you. :-)
I had the pleasure (or should I say Hope had the pleasure) of reviewing the new Wii game designed just for her.

Since I am video game-challenged, I asked my 12 yr old son to set the TV up so we could play the game. (I used to be the one setting up the VCRs the Ataris, etc. Now I feel old and stupid.) He then proceeded to help Hope create her own character. Hope had a blast!

Hope had a little bit of difficulty using the Wii remote to control her character, but she has mild CP that affects her entire left side, so many things are challenging for her. With a little help from her brother, though, she did great.

Here are the key features of JumpStart Pet Rescue

JumpStart Pet Rescue immerses each child in a wildly imaginative and rewarding3D learning environment that offers hours of exploration and adventure.

As children travel through the different worlds, they play learning games to earn rewards. Children then earn storybooks that are read aloud to them.

Children are given the freedom to express themselves by changing the way they look, dress & by decorating their house.

Pet rescue and care are incorporated into the game storyline. Children can feed, groom, play with, and train their pets.

JumpStart Pet Rescue is rated "Early Childhood" by the ERSB and is designed for children ages 3 to 6. It has over 30 games and adventures, over 50 learning lessons and over 75 fundamental skills in it. The release date for this game is September 1st to Walmart; September 2nd to Best Buy, Sam's Club, Fry's and other retail stores. The retail prices for JumpStart Pet Rescue is $39.99.

JumpStart is giving away a copy of their Pet Rescue game for the Wii on their blog. You can go to their blog to enter to win (NOT on my blog, on THEIR blog) The link is here. I encourage you all to go enter to win. This is an awesome game!
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