Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm NOT goin' to Kool.

What on earth do you do with a 4 yr old who is REFUSING to go to preschool? She has transportation provided for her and for some reason is just terrified of getting on that transport van and going to school. Once she is on the van, she is fine and when she is at school, she has a blast.

Here's how my conversation went with her last night. keep in mind she will be 4 on June 13.

Me: Let's get your backpack ready for tomorrow.

Hope: I'm NOT goin' to Kool.

Me: sure you are going to school, want to help me pick out your clothes?

Hope: I'm NOT goin' to Kool. *pout*

Me; you want to see your boys! They miss you!

Hope: I'm NOT goin' to KOOL! *arms folded, lip quivering*

Me: Hopey, you will have fun. :-)

Hope: On van with Miss Linda?

Me: Yes, on the van with Miss Linda.

Hope: I'm NOT goin' to KOOL.

HA! So, what do I do?
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