Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Life Will Never be the Same

I am embracing life and all of it's challenges. I'm taking charge of my future. I feel I've been stagnet for too long. I'm finally doing something to improve ME. I have a LIST and I have a time line. I'm determined.

I took the first step by asking a friend to take me to the DMV to get my driver's permit. I failed miserably at 16, attempting to learn how to drive, and had it set in my mind that I couldn't EVER do it. Well, I went, got my permit and I'm learning how to drive. It scares me to death! It's necessary and I wish I had done it 21 years ago. I created a new resume. It's not much. I've held one part time job for the better part of 10 years. It's what I do, what I am. I have some professional affiliations. You know what, though? It's not shabby and HOPEFULLY will help me achieve the 2nd goal on my list.... a JOB. I have this overwhelming need and desire to be independent. So my license is first, a job second. I want these to be in place by the end of summer, if not before.

It's exciting to have a plan and a goal in mind, knowing I can reach it. I have no idea what my future will hold. I do know I plan to live it fully and be the BEST person *I* can be.
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