Friday, July 2, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons......

....make a hard lemonade. :-) Life has been pretty wonky as of late. I mean, up, down, all around. I feel like I'm doing the hokey pokey or something. *laughs* Kids ae on summer vacation. It seems we hit the ground running the day after school ended...and haven't stopped.

First we had Jenna's graduation from high school. We homeschooled her for 7 years, so this was a huge accomplishment for her and us! She had a beautiful ceremony in Gettysburg. We are so proud of her! Then Jess and Hope participated in the Big 33 Cheer Buddy program. This week Jonathan participated in Lacrosse Camp and Jessica participated in an Easter Seals overnight camp. Big, exciting things for the children!

Changes are happening for our family, too. My husband's job is likely changing, which means moving him north. I'm not certain if the children and I are staying here or not. I guess it depends on work, school, sports, etc. So much to think about.
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