Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sitting at Starbucks.....

We sit at Starbucks every single day. Well, nearly so. I miss it when I'm not there and if more than a day goes by and we aren't there, the baristas begin to worry about us.

The other day my husband and I were there and a couple sitting there talking about the upcoming holidays, gift shopping and gift selection. The young man really put it into perspective for me. He told the woman he was with that he bought his girlfriend this thing for her computer that she really wanted, it was expensive (around $700) and it was something she was saving up to buy. He said his mother asked him if he would consider getting her an expensive piece of jewelry or something with more "meaning" and he said, she is an engineer. She wants this for her home computer. It's something she has been talking about for months, saving up to buy. I think this means more than a piece of jewelry she'd never wear.

that put it in to perspective for me. Someone doesn't want something that serves no purpose or has no meaning, just another trinket to tuck away somewhere, or another piece of jewelry to go in the jewelry box. What they want is something from the heart, something that someone put effort into 1. knowing they wanted and 2. cared about.

If you are giving gifts this holiday season and want to give something that will make your gift receiver happy, think about what is important to them and give from the heart.
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