Saturday, December 1, 2012

Open Adoption

As I was walking out the door today, for an appointment and Starbucks (hey, it's been a while due to budget cuts, I have been waiting for this!), Hope brought me a laminated card. It was the card that Jill had quietly given to me on the day of Hope's placement with us. It has her contact information and has been on our fridge ever since. Hope has been learning to read and recently asked me what it was. I explained to her that when she was given to me, her birthmother (Jill) had wanted to make sure that I could always find her, should I ever need to talk to her, so she gave me her home, work and cell phone numbers, her email and her home address.  (She wasn't supposed to do that, all communication was supposed to be through the adoption agency.  I was grateful for this.) She asked me if she and Bubby (her brother) could text Jill while I was out today.  I said sure and smiled as I walked out the door. At 6, this independent relationship is beginning.  I am confident that as the years go by, Jill will learn of important milestones before I do. The first crush. The first kiss. The firsts of many things that moms aren't usually privvy to. I'm so thankful that Jill is in her life. I'm so blessed to just sit back and watch this unfold. #openadoptionblessings
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