Monday, November 3, 2014

At Least it All Happened at Once!

I'm amazed at how, when things go badly, it seems things go really sour all at once. I often wonder why one thing can't just happen here and there and let me catch my breath before something else comes along that is kind of nasty, you know? No, not in this house! That isn't how that works! Last week was the week from hell! It seems that if it could go wrong, it did. I'm not talking little things, either. My oldest daughter has worked at the same location for almost 7 years. She lost her job on Thursday, basically due to no longer being a good fit for the company. Alrighty then. We started looking at other employment options (yes, doors are opening for her, but they are opening slowly and without a lot of income so far!) We started filling out the food stamp application and the site went down and was down all weekend long. One thing after another. I took her to get some groceries (thankfully I actually had some extra cash!) The same day she was let go from her position was trick or treat night. I took my youngest daughter out trick or treating. After about 5 homes, my knee gave out. I couldn't put weight on it. I had to call my son to come get me and my daughter and take us home. I felt so defeated. I ended up in the Ouch Clinic and left with a cortisone shot in my knee, a script for pain medication, and crutches, of all things. I joked that the crutches may cause me to be a return patient sooner than later... The cortisone affects my mood. This reflected on to the rest of the weekend's events and not in a good way. My son suffers from anxiety and depression. He was coping fairly well with everything, but reached the end of his rope and left me and his sister at McDonalds, Friday night. I had to call my husband to come and take us home. That was fun. No, really, it wasn't, but you have to laugh it off, or cry, or become a crazy lunatic. Every. Little. Thing. is making me crazy around here. I'm to snapping at innocent people, like the UPS delivery person, for example. This isn't good. There are more little things that make me want to scream, but just aren't blog worthy. I'm hoping for a better week! Hopefully your week is going great! ~Maggie
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