Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Can't Believe it! I Figured it Out!

Hope has been struggling with eating breakfast and lunch for months now.  I've thought of many reasons why.  I brainstormed with her teacher and school nurse.  I asked the psychiatrist.  I talked to her doctor and the endocrinologist.  We tried rewards, enticing food, having her go food shopping with me, everything we can all think of!  We finally cracked the code!

I was chatting with her psychiatrist the other day and mentioned she is having difficulty taking her morning medication.  It is an extended release medication.  We switched it to one that is short lasting, thus she has to take one three times a day.  Guess what!?  Hope is hungry for breakfast AND lunch!  Why didn't we think of this!  We don't have to give it to her so early, she can eat breakfast prior to taking it.  She can eat lunch prior to taking her pill.  It fits in perfect with her school schedule.  Wow.  I feel like a genius.  A slow genius, but a genius nonetheless.  We cracked the code! 

~Feeling on top of the least for the moment. 
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