Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Child's View on Life (No Kid Hungry)

Hope came home from school one Friday and announced, "My backpack is REALLY heavy and I don't know why!". I knew what was in it, because I had a bit of a heads up, but I was just as excited as she was to peek inside to see what made it so heavy. I told her it was a gift!  When she saw it was food, she laughed and said, "Mama, it's food!  a gift of food!"  Now, each week, when she gets off the van, she comes running and says, "I have my gift!" 

Hope is part of the No Kid Hungry program. This means that on Fridays, she brings home a grocery bag of food items to provide her with a healthy lunch on both days (and some cereal and a juice box for breakfast).

The theory is that 1. it will take some of the pressure off of her parent(s) in the costly grocery bills and 2. because she's eating healthy over the weekend, by Monday, she will be a happy, healthy little girl, sitting in class. It helps to ease my mind so much, to be a part of this incredible program.

It's not difficult, either, to donate to this wonderful organization, nor does it take much time. If you see the logo in the grocery store or a local restaurant, give an extra $1 or $2 to the fund. If you like more organized events, sign up to volunteer in some capacity. I'm on a limited income and we find many ways to give back to this wonderful program that helps us.

If your child gets free or reduced meals at school and you aren't getting help from the NKH program and need help, talk to your child's guidance counselor and see if it's available in your school. If, for some reason, it's not, perhaps another program is.

Childhood hunger should be nonexistent. We can't help if we don't know.

Click here to donate. Just a dollar can provide up to 10 meals. 10!

Can't donate? Volunteer your time.

Or be an  Advocate.


~Maggie #TeamNKH #NoKidHungry

This is not a sponsored post.  I feel passionately about NKH and want to share my thoughts with you. 
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