Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beard Oil, Balm & Conditioner Reviews

I asked my hubby if he'd be willing to try out these products, since I obviously can't.  He was more than willing to give it a go.  He doesn't have a super thick beard, but what he has is very wiry and coarse.  He tried the Beard Conditioner first and noticed softened whiskers right away!!!  He did admit that it smelled odd to him (but everything does, he doesn't wear cologne or anything).  I smelled it and it smelled like a man's soap to me.  Nothing offensive at all.  He was willing to keep trying, so that says something. 

He tried the Beard Oil next and noticed how neat his beard looked and there weren't any of those "dry skin flakes" that he sometimes gets.  You know, the beard dandruff.  It's gone.  Yes, gone. 

He finally tried balm and it is a leave in conditioner to help things grow a bit better, keep things a bit smoother, so I don't know yet what the verdict is on this product. 

All in all, all three are a hit in my house.  Why don't you give them a try? They are all 100% natural and all come with a 100% guarantee.   You can find them all on Amazon

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