Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Leather Nova Leather Cleaner/Conditioner REVIEW

I love leather.  I love how it feels, how it smells, I love leather handbags, leather shoes, leather seats in the car, leather furniture, leather jackets.  The one thing I dislike about leather is how it gets so dirty and how difficult it can be to clean.  It gets grimy and if you carry a handbag, the oils from your hands can discolor parts of your handbag.  I dislike that, a lot.  I like my handbags, especially my white or off-white ones, to look bright and fresh.

I recently got a camel colored leather crossbody/backpack and within a month it looked really shabby!  I was beginning to think I needed some saddlesoap to freshen it up.  I was very disappointed in the way it handled, but then, I'm rough on my handbags.

I was contacted by Leather Nova.  They asked if I'd be interested in trying out their products to review on my blog.  I jumped at the chance.  I tried their Leather Nova Leather Cleaner.  This is a new cleaner that goes deep into the leather pores to remove that dirt and grime that I mentioned.  It's a safe formula for all types of leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces.  It doesn't contain any harsh detergents or toxic ingredients, so it doesn't dry out the leather!  This is a good thing because it doesn't accelerate the aging process of the leather. 

I also got to try the Leather Nova Leather Conditioner.  This provides protection for all leather and vinyl surfaces.  It uses high grade polymers which restores the leather to its original sheen.  My handbag that I used it on actually looked better than it did when I originally bought it.  Now that's a plus. If you use this product monthly, it will maintain the natural suppleness of the product and restore the rich leather fragrance.  Isn't that a nice bonus?  It leaves a non-greasy finish, which is good, if you are using it on clothing, handbags or the seat of your car.  (That reminds me of a story about my father.  He thought it was a good idea to use Armour All on the seats of our old station wagon.  Every time he went around a turn we slid from one side to the other.  Oh my mother was sooooo mad.  Of course, we didn't wear our seat belts back then!!!  We should have, after that experience!)

I also got to try the Leather Nova Leather Conditioner and Cleaner combination product.  This is for when you are short on time and don't want to do the multistep process above.  It removes the dirt and stains and conditions the leather at the same time.

All three products come with their own unique application applicator- a sponge or cloth, or cloth covered sponge.  All are so simple to use with the easy to understand instructions on the bottle.  There are no harsh odors.  Sometimes when I use products, my dog sneezes and rubs her nose on anything she can.  She sat next to me as I cleaned my handbag with no problems.   This is a wonderful selling point! 

I got many compliments on my handbag today, as if it were brand new.  I've had it for months with no compliments.  I think it's because it's so shiny and pretty.  It draws attention. 

You can buy your own cleaner on Amazon, if you would like to clean your leather, vinyl or plastic products. 

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