Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Cacopophy of a Busy House

I need to vent for just a minute, then I will be ok. My children bring me incredible joy. I've had the wonderful opportunity of working from home since my oldest daughter was 2 years old. She is now 23. This means, aside from advocacy work, occasional public speaking opportunities, sitting on a few advisory boards and so forth, I'm home. I'm home 24/7/365. My children are special needs of various degrees. Some days I wake up with the headache from the night before. My house is not only chaotic but it's a cacophony of sound that lingers, to the point that I have tinnitus. There are days that I dream of a job on the outside. I just had an opportunity of that job. It seemed absolutely ideal. We talked it over. We talked some more. We talked over coffee, over dinner, in the car. We decided that while it would be wonderful for me to bring in a bit more income. It would be awesome for me to have an outside job for the first time in 21 years. It would be delightful to be in an office where I could think instead of working out of my livingroom where a dozen conversations, the tv, the xbox, music and who knows what is going on all at the same time. You know what? I don't know how I'd manage. Chaos has become my life. Working with a cat on my hands and a dog on my feet is the norm. It's my norm. This is my life. I can't imagine it otherwise. I may not have the expensive handbags and the fancy work clothes. I may shop at thrift stores for what I do have. You know? That's ok. Working outside the home is for many people. It's not for me. Not right now. My opinion may change over time and I may be writing to say that I've got a job somewhere. For now I'm content. ~Maggie
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