Wednesday, January 31, 2001

And Today's update:
I'm still so freaking pissed. My poor child was scared to death to go to school today, scared of retaliation. I hugged her and told her that we'd talk with the principal, hoping he'd be able to do something, but doubting he would. It is {our school district} after all. :-( They have their heads up their asses most of the time.
Anyway, we nick named her principal Mr Smiley because he only smiles and nods his head when you tell him something. He makes light of every situation. When Jenna got caught stealing a few weeks back he thought we blew it out of proportion by getting him involved!
So he said he'd talk with the children involved and tell them to be nice to Jenna. Meanwhile my daughter is afraid to come home from school!!!! It's ridiculous. :-(
Roger told him that if Jenna comes home saying ANYTHING happened to her on the bus he'd file a law suit, I mean, they are expected to make sure she doesn't get hurt while in transit from home to school and back, right? She is their responsibility during that time... I don't think it matters to them though. At any rate, I'm more than ready to homeschool, if I have to. I don't want my child hurt any more.
I had nightmares all night of Jenna getting choked to death on the bus :-( The sad thing is I know these kids are capable of this and that scares me to death :-(
She'll be home in about half an hour, so I'm going to bundle Jonathan up and we're going to walk to the bus stop and wait for her, I want to see how she is getting off the bus :-(
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