Wednesday, January 31, 2001

I wrote this last night, when I was just so damn pissed off at what happened :-(
I am so mad.... Jenna came home from school today with red marks on her chest and neck. I asked her what happened and she said another girl was hitting her w/ her umbrella! What the hell????? So we talk more and apparently this girl has been making Jenna's life a living hell damn near every day on the bus ride home! Jenna was too afraid to talk about it. She said that the girl told Jen that she'd tell her mom Jen called her a b*tch if she told. Well, Jenna never has used that word (at least that I know of) it isn't one we use with any regularity (Jenna called it the B word) and I feel that that simply isn't true. At any rate, the girl said it had happened at the beginning of the school year! So she's been mean to Jenna ever since! No wonder this poor child has stomach aches and is miserable/angry/raging after school! (and here I was blaming the bipolar for all this!)
My first instinct was to call the girl's mother (she is Jenna's brownie troop leader!) but she wasn't home, so I couldn't talk to her. then I thought, well, we'll talk to the principal tomorrow, and ended up not calling the mother, Roger said he'd try tomorrow..... I know that won't do any good though, she thinks her daughter is an angel and can do no wrong. At least I don't have that illusion! (But I know that my daughter didn't deserve to be beaten with a freaking umbrella either!)
I'm ready to yank her out of school and just homeschool :-( At any rate, she won't be going back to girl scouts either, she was getting a ride home w/ brittney and her mom, I can't send her with any comfort now, god knows what was going on at GS too. (oh and you can bet that the field director for GS will know about this too. :-))
Maggie-----who is like a mean old mother bear.....
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