Friday, February 2, 2001

I've been trying to get my thoughts down for days now. I just can't seem to find the right words. It's been really crazy here lately, like all the planets are in a row or something, or a full moon. (yeah, I don't believe in ALL that, but the moon sure has something to do with a bipolar's mood). I'm tired of people messing with other people.

Jenna had the trouble on the bus, so now she won't go back to girl scouts. It's weighing heavily on my mind and heart right now. I want her to go, but not with this. I am going to call her friend Brooke's mom and see if she'd like to do something with me, do our own troop thing, that sort of thing. Time will tell, I guess.

My dear sweet friend, M, is having some difficulty right now. God knows I love her so much, more than she will ever come to realize. She met someone (on the net) who screwed her big time and I just wish I could do more than just 'be here'. I was the one who brought it to her attention and I feel badly for that, but I couldn't let it continue. I just really want to know why people feel the need to be something they aren't. Why fabricate a story, send a picture of someone who isn't you, make a tangled web of lies....and ultimately hurt someone, break their heart. Why do that? Don't be a fake. Be honest, be who you are. don't hide behind your computer, a faceless name.....
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