Monday, February 26, 2001

Right this very minute I am thinking about someone. I think of Bill from time to time. Usually when I am discouraged and thinking about the choices I've made in my life time, I think of what I had with Bill, and what I let go.

He was an important part of my life when I was pregnant the first time. Our friendship came about in a most unconventional way. One would have thought that I should have run the other way. Maybe I should have, who knows? Well, at any rate, he was there and he and I made some beautiful memories during that time.

I have tried to track him down, but he could be any where by now. I highly doubt he's still in Tennessee. I wonder if he ever thinks of me. Of what he let go.....did it mean as much to him as it did me? Does he ever think of Jenna? She was just a few months old when he saw her last. When we said goodbye for the last time.

Why would I even be so foolish to think he'd remember me, let alone my daughter? He's just one of many people who I wonder about. Wonder where they are today. Wonder if thoughts of me keep them up at night......
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