Sunday, March 11, 2001

did you ever bring tadpoles home, from the creek, and a few days later have frogs hopping all over the place? That's generally what happens, right? Tadpoles turn in to frogs?

well, I have a tadpole here, we bought him in the fall, for a Christmas gift. (he was SUPPOSED to be a frog by then). He is still a tadpole. We've had him for 5 months. He's a huge ass tadpole now, but alas, still a tadpole.

What ever do we do with this creature? What will he eat? His supply of tadpole pellets are about gone now. I don't want to flush him, or let him go in the spring, I am rather attached to the little guy......

Oh, and he has a name, it's Hopper. Hopper Magee. But hopper doesn't hop. shouldn't he be Tad?
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