Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hope Update....

While Im at it, I might as well give a Hope update. What a blessing this little peanut is. :-)

She had another follow up at Shriner's in Philadelphia.

Well, here are the findings:

*she definitely needs a leg brace on her left leg. She is to develop more of a natural gait first, before having her in the brace, so she will likely be fitted for it on December 17th, her next appointment.

*she has distinct muscle strength differences in the legs and arms. this is to be worked on in therapy.

*She has grasping problems with her left hand. We are to work on her pincher skills.

*She has a curved tongue (stick out your tongue. It's flat and points straight down. When Hope sticks her tongue out, it's flat, but curves like a crescent moon. Imagine an imaginary finger poking the side of her tongue, making it go in a little) this is normal in adult stroke victims, but incredibly rare in children. It can cause some speech issues, like when it comes to speak clearly and enunciate clearly and properly. At the same time, it may make no difference in her speech at all.

*she has some feeding issues. She may never be able to drink thin, watery type juices, water, etc and may never be able to eat pieces of steak or coarse meats.... without some sort of 'problem'. Dribbling and slobbering is the big one for drinking, and choking on her food for the meats. We are working on that. She can retrain her brain to work the tongue and throat, so it's up to her at this point.

She is an amazing little girl, at 15 months weighing in at 18 lbs and is 28 inches long. She is so damn adorable. I smile when I think of her!

Just this month, these are the milestones she is reaching.

*she can wave bye bye (until now it's only be waving "hi")
*she can nod her head up and down
*she can shake her head no
*she can say doggie
*she can say baby
*she can say Daddy's baby!
*but if you ask her if she is mommy's baby she shakes her head no. :eyeroll: thanks DAD!

She is full of herself. 110% attitude!!!!

She sure has brightened our lives and everyone who knows her. I thank God that she is in my life!
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