Monday, November 5, 2007

So much on my mind.....

My mind is full of stuff. It gets like this sometimes, then I can't sleep. It's like it's on overdrive or something and I just keep thinking and thinking and then it spirals out of control, kwim?

So I figured rather than sitting here with it all in my head, I'd write it out...and it's all bits and pieces of junk.

So lately I have had this really bad back ache. The last time I had this, I was stuck in bed for 3 days and could NOT move. I don't want that to happen this time! So I'm taking a ton of advil (which makes me retain fluid) and I've been spraying Stopain on it. Man, that stuff is wild, how it works. It reminds me of the magic erasers. LOL! I mean, the magic erasers are just white pieces of foam, right? And yet, they erase amazing things off my walls and floors....and counters...and baby shoes.... ah. Well, this stopain spray is 'just' a spray, but when I spray it on my back, my shoulders, my elbows, my knuckles...knees, ankles...yo get the pain melts away, if only for an hour or two, but it does melt away! like a magic eraser. lol!

Jill was here yesterday. We took her and her dad to Red Robin for lunch. Man, that is one expensive restaurant.... $100 later......

But it was fun and we enjoy each others company so much. She heard me telling Bill what I wanted to get the kids for Christmas (two big gifts for the family instead of a bunch of little crap). Later, in the car, she confided that she and Dad are buying those two big things for us for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. I was floored. I mean, these two things could easily come to about $600 depending on what you get! OMG! I told her, I can NOT do that in return! I can't! She said that is not necessary, that they want to do this! OH MY WORD. CRAZY.

So now I'm switching gears and thinking our family gift could be a new recliner or some other chair for our living room. Right now we just have the sofa. We need something more. :-)

Oh there was so much else in my head at 9am when I first started this post and now it's reduced to mush. The day was a busy one.

Maybe the rest will come to me, later. ;-)
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