Sunday, October 5, 2008

Queen of Procrastination and Fun Weekend Stuff!

Well, I'll start off by saying I am the queen of procrastination! My reports are due in the AM and I haven't started them yet and I don't CARE to start them yet. HA! Of course I wanted to be in bed by 11 and if I don't soon get with it, it will be 1 or 2 before I crawl into bed. I'd rather goof off and not do it. I also have laundry in the washer that I can't forget to put in the dryer.

This was a pretty decent weekend. Yesterday hubby took two of the four to an insect fair and they came home with a madagascar hissing cockroach! His name is Oscar. LOL!!!! He's actually kind of cute. I never thought I'd say that a cockroach is cute, but he is! He's kind of a boring pet, but it's a learning experience and fun for the kids.

Today Jenna worked until 2 then she wanted to go to the mall. I asked her if she wanted to drive us there. I don't drive nor am I licensed, so dh got in the front with her and I climbed in the back. She drove us to the mall and while I was a nervous wreck, she did wonderfully fine. In fact, she drives safer than her father. LOL! At any rate, I am sooooo proud of her. In such a short time she has accomplished more than I ever have. She has a good job, she will graduate early, she can drive, she is beautiful....just so much. She has such a bright future! I sure so live vicariously through her. At any rate, we went to the mall and hubby came back home to wait for us to call when we were done. :-)

Jenna and I had a blast together. We hit all of our favorite stores and she got a few fun things. We shared a pretzel and a sprite together then after some more shopping we went to dinner together. Just the two of us. We got two appetizers to share and then shared a dessert. While we were eating she said "Mom, I had so much fun today. I wish we hadn't wasted 16 years to do something like this." Awwww. Major mommy guilt! While I have done stuff with her and for her, it wasn't anything like this. We usually had a younger sibling, her dad or something else going on. I've even chaperoned a mall trip with her and her boyfriend....but never just the two of us. So we are definitely doing this again. We both really really enjoyed it.

I am just so proud of my girl. ;-)
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