Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm sooooooo MAD

Ugh. I'm so angry I could spit nails. No wonder my sweet daughter was so riled up earlier!!! I honestly thought she was exaggerating, but no, she wasn't. I just can't get over the NERVE of this dingbat who lives down the street from us. I'm going to try to say this as politely as possible.....

My daughter is not a tramp.

My daughter is not uneducated just because she is homeschooled.

My daughther IS going to make something of herself. IN fact, she already has a full time job that she is doing wonderfully at making more than ME per hour. she is hoping to graduate a FULL YEAR ahead of her peers. She wants to take her GED so that it would allow her more opportunities than a homeschool issued diploma. She is THINKING of these things already. She is PLANNING her future. She has over $1000 in the bank, in a SAVINGS account, from money she has EARNED working.

And this ding dong says that she is a tramp, she is uneducated and will never amount to anything???????? I don't get it. I really really don't get it.

Oh, and he doesn't like my husband and myself because we don't respect HIM. Gee, do you wonder why? Would you respect someone who calls your daughter a s*&t TO your FACE? Oh I'm so sorry if I'm lacking in my respect for you. HA!

My daughter is a mess. She just doesn't understand why someone would feel so negatively about her.

Why are people like this?

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