Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hope's BirthMama, Jill, visited on Thursday. She wanted to give us our Christmas presents before we left for Florida. Hope had such a wonderful time with her, as usual! She just adores Jill. I just wanted to share a few pictures from Thursday.

This is Hope with her Pappy. I guess she felt he needed his hair combed. LOL!

Hope with Jill.

Another of the two of them.

This was hysterical. Hope wanted to take a picture, but first she held the camera backwards, then she kept saying CLICK! PIC! (as in Diego) But then...her sock was starting to come off and was stuck under her butt. She kept trying to pull her foot out, but couldn't and kept saying HELL! HELL! HELL! (this is her version of HELP! HELP! HELP!) None of us could help her because we were laughing so hard!!!

And one more of Hope with Jill.

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