Friday, December 12, 2008

Are They Really Ready to Leave the Nest at 18?

My sweet baby girl is going to be 17 next month. We have already started the transition process in our heads, our hearts and with her medical team. This has already started causing some anxiety on Jenna's part. She thinks about where she may live, if she's ever going to get her driver's license, if she will have a room mate, if Scott will still be her boyfriend (and will they live together), how will she get to her doctor's appointments, will she still have her job and if not, will she have another job, and the list goes on and on and on and on. She knows she won't go to college, but I'm encouraging her to consider taking some online classes here and there to eventually get a degree in *something*. I don't care if it's in underwater basket weaving, I just want her to have a degree to fall back on if she needs to.

She had a "mandatory" meeting at work today at 4. She came hom fightin' mad. Why? Because her boss told her he wants her to wear black socks. LOL! Yes, she threw a tantrum over having to wear black socks. One of the things she likes to do is accessorize by wearing funky socks, so this pissed her off royally. Oh well. She is allowed to wear fun hats and jewelry, so that made it not so bad.... and I went out tonight and bought her new black socks and some jewelry. :-)

She was also upset because her boss told her that if she wants to complain about having her hours cut, she can find another job. In all fairness, he cut her hours in half and well, that hurts! But I also see his point. He's the boss, he creates the schedule.

He also told her that she needed to find a replacement for her shift when she's in Florida? Um, we're taking a FAMILY trip and I'm not leaving my 16, almost 17 yr old home alone so she can work 15 hours for that week? I'm certain someone else can cover those 15 hours.... He hasn't even created the schedule yet, so certainly he could leave her off, no?

So at any rate, she is stressed, as she puts it, and not feeling so great. She had an upset tummy tonight and was incredibly crabby. :-(

On a good note, we like to go shopping together and do other fun things together. We are a silly pair and just have a blast, no matter where we go. Every where we are, we are told how cute we are together. Just yesterday, we had an advisory board meeting and one of the ladies there commented on how adorable we were, together. Awwww. We've sure come a long way. We now go together like peas and carrots and for that, I'm grateful. :-)

Edited to Add:

I'm not saying that I'm going to shove her out the door at 18. She has expressed great interest in spreading her wings as soon as she is 18. I'm all for that, really. I was on my own at 17. But...if she's not ready, she really can stay. LOL!
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