Saturday, December 13, 2008

Picture Perfect

I was blog reading tonight and got to thinking, thanks to Kim, that perhaps it's time to share some Mom and me pictures.... AND then I really got to thinking....I'd love to share some rather funny pictures of myself, just for fun. If you are brave, do the same and comment below with a link to your post. :-)

For starters, this is me and my stepMama. She passed away in April.

this is me with my mom, who died when I was 8. Yes, I truly am motherless now and it's a sad place to be.

My all time favorite picture of my mom and me, the year or two before she died....I was either 5 or 6.

Just in case you were ever in doubt, I really AM the queen. LOL!

Just me, with my younger two children.

and just me, with Jenna before she ran off to the homecoming dance.

I can't find the picture of me with Jess that I wanted to share, but since I posted pictures of all my children with me, except for her, I'll just add a Jess picture here. :-)

That's all I'll bore you with for now, but rest assured, I'm always taking pictures of me, with my children.
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