Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Try This Tuesday!

Try This Tuesday

As you may know, by reading my blog, Hope has a leg brace. Because she only has one brace, we have to buy mismatched size shoes. They also have to be low cut around the ankle to make room for the hinges of her brace. As you can imagine, this can be very trying when you have a tired toddler and you've been to children's shoe store after children's shoe store. Well, we found out something that we didn't know! Nordstroms will sell you a mismatched pair of shoes! Their staff is also knowledgeable in fitting children with braces! We had the best service and care at the Nordstroms in King of Prussia, PA. I was thrilled. I have not ordered online, but I understand their mismatched shoe policy extends to shoes purchased online. I *think* you have to return the 2nd "pair" to their store, though. It may be worth calling and asking, if you don't live near a Nordstroms and have a child with only one brace.

So that's my Try This tip for this week! Hope it helps someone!
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