Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Baby Brother

I forgot to mention, in my rant of dealing with the dang dog, that my baby brother surprised me today with a visit :) He did warn me but well, I forgot. I was too busy cleaning up gross bodily fluids (where is that biohazard bag anyway?) for 10 days. Whoops! So this morning, bright and early, he texts me to say, so, you're free this weekend right? I texted back yeah, why. And he said well, I'm coming down, REMEMBER? Yeah yeah, I do! (holy cow how easy it is to forget these things!) So I quickly cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, took a shower, cleaned the upstairs (well, I lied, I made my bed and shut the kids' doors and put a keep out sign on their bathroom. OUT OF ORDER would have been better, I think.

Then I had remembered (my memory stinks these days) Hope had therapy, my neighbor needed me and my son was following me around like a puppy dog wanting food. (he's almost 12, knows where the fridge is and can help himself quite easily. In fact, he knows how to work the microwave!) I was seriously multi tasking.

I had wanted to get a new air mattress since our one neighbor's dog destroyed our old one. Today was the day. While I wanted the mondo air mattress 2000 model, dh opted for the blue light special model. We opted for the "better" one (you know, good, better, best?) it was the best we could do considering the vet bill that's on the horizon. It is now on my living room floor with my son and my brother on it, sound asleep. They look precious. :-)
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