Saturday, January 31, 2009

That Darn Dog

Why is it kids and pets are so darn expensive? I adore my children and I pets almost equally (I think I adore the children slightly more, but there are days.......) Morgan had a funky thing in the pad of her dew claw. I, of course, blamed it on dh. He is in charge of using the PediPaw thingy on her claws and he's too gentle with her. She has CLAWS. Grind those suckers down, I say. So he barely touches her claws and they are thick and long. I noticed this thing coming out of her pad and my first thought was it was her claw INGROWN. So I gave dh hell. I mean I lit into him. YOU SHOULD BE CHECKING YOUR DOG MORE. IF YOU WERE DOING HER NAILS LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. HA! And did I ever feel better. Until today when I had to take it all back. Nasty words they were. He finally got Morgan into the vet and well, it isn't a claw. Whoops! Sorry babe! No, it is either a boney growth coming out of her pad (poor puppy!) or a calcium deposit or SOMETHING that the vet can't identify. HA! (and I'm paying him a small fortune for him to guess?????) At any rate, it must come out because, well, it could be bad, y/k? Thus, that means she must be put out so she doesn't freak out. Makes sense. Well, that equals pre-op blood work, and her shots that she needed anyway and $400 later...... Maggie is kissing that coach handbag goodbye!*whine* *pout*. THAT was just for him to tell us it wasn't a claw, needed to be out, she needs this and that to stay healthy AND look at her teeth, man oh man, she needs those cleaned too. HA! So the darn dog goes back on Tuesday for her procedure. THAT will cost about $800. Dang it anyway. I so wanted a new sofa this month AND an anniversary/Valentine's day gift. phooey.

Of course Mia, our other greyhound, will be going in next for her shots and a! Fortunately I like our vet, so I'm going to pick on him tooooo much, only a little. :-)
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