Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun Program for Little Ones

As many of you may know, I plan to homeschool my youngest, Hope. Hope is only 2.5 now, but she is already SO smart. Yes, I realize parents say that about their children, and I'm biased, but others have mentioned this too. While her expressive speech is delayed, her receptive is advanced. Her understanding is phenomenal. So I gave Hope the opportunity to try an online math game (free trial) to see how she did and how she liked it. She had so much fun (on my laptop, I might add) that I wanted to share this program with you all. :-)

DreamBox Learning currently offers a Math program for children Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Some of the earlier Kindergarten work would be suitable for an older preschool age child. Hope just had so much fun with the "cartoon" type characters. It kept her attention longer than most activities do! DreamBox Learning was featured in the New York Times!

Anyway, I just think this is a worthwhile program to bring to your attention, especially if you have little ones that you are homeschooling. It's entertaining and educational all in one program. :-)
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