Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Busy Day Ahead

I have a brief moment while I'm sitting here listening to Hope quote a Dora episode WORD FOR WORD, to briefly put my Sunday plans down so my head isn't so jumbled. :-) Jenna and I went to the mall yesterday and spent over 5 hours just walking around, talking, visiting with one another and just enjoying each other's company. We saw children, teenagers, adults, seniors of all ages there, yesterday. It was fun sitting in the food court and seeing all walks of life and all ages in one room. I asked her if she would rather be at the mall with a friend or me. She said I *am* with a friend. Awww. I think I actually teared up a bit. Damn hormones anyway.

I wish I was as outspoken and opinionated as my daughter. She's only 17 but isn't afraid to speak her mind in any situation. I sometimes need to remind her to be polite even when she feels differently than someone else. I don't remember if I was like that at 17 or not. LOL

Anyway, I need to go back to the mall today because she bought a sweatshirt and the sales clerk forgot to take the anti theft thing off of it. We were talking too much and I think she wasn't paying enough attention. I also need to find something for Jonathan's birthday. I bought him a Tripp brand shirt that he *found* yesterday by being nosey. But he loves it, so now I know what to look for at the store.

I'm tempted to buy myself a pair of Emu boots. Jenna got a pair and I fell in LOVE with them. Can I afford the $50 on a pair of boots????? I don't know. I'm thinking on it.

Well, the kids are back from lacrosse practice, so my free time is done. I hope to write more tonight and tomorrow, since my surgery is Tuesday and I will be out of commission for a while afterwards.
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