Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Daughter has a New Boyfriend

Have I mentioned Jenna has a new boyfriend? Her boyfriend of almost a year (what is it with the 9 month mark? It's always time to move on right around 9 months... Anyway, her boyfriend of almost a year decided he had to 'get his life together' and move on. His reasoning made no sense, but I'm also not 17, so whatever. Jenna was doing the whole "there's a tear in my (root)beer and I'm crying over you" deal along with Hank Williams (Jr?) and all of a sudden, Marty shows up. Marty is the most adorable young man I've seen in ages. If only I were 17 again!!! Well, 17 and looked like Jenna! Anyway, he's been with her every day since they got together. I don't know what they will do this summer when he starts work at Hershey Park! Oh man. He's going to be BUSY and there she will be, pining for her beau.

So the meaning for my ramble this evening is to just note that she has a new guy on the scene, he's a doll and I'm glad to see her happy again. :)
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