Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pineapple Jerky?

When you think of jerky, do you think of beef? Perhaps you have tried ostrich jerky, or even alligator [coming soon from]

Well, my family and I were thrilled to recieve pineapple jerky from to try! The first thing I did was check to see the ingredients. Guess what? There are only two. Pineapple and honey. My children were all over me, wanting to try a piece. My oldest was so impressed with it! She LOVES pineapple and told me it was delicious and she wanted more. My husband, who isn't much of a fruit person, was very impressed. I tried it, as well. It was so good, almost like eating fresh pineapple with out the drippy, sticky, messy juice. I give it two thumbs up! carries beef jerky and other types of meat snacks as well. All of their food items are made in the US.

My husband's 49th birthday is April 14th and I know he'd just love it if one of's beef jerky gift baskets showed up with his name on it!

Thank you for the opportunity to try your product!
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