Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Toy Review! Special Discount!

Action Toys, Inc. asked me to give my children one of their toys to try, then let you all know what we thought about it. Not long after I accepted this challenge, I received a package in the mail from the company. My children were in awe when I unpacked their prize inside. It was a Action Toys, Inc. POTTERY WHEEL!!!! The box happened to come just a few days after my surgery, so my kids had to wait until this past weekend for me to feel well enough to observe.

The Pottery Wheel was super easy to assemble. The children enjoyed preparing the clay and their first creation is a teeny tiny vase, perfect for those wild flowers that the little ones pick in the summer.

The clay and paints provided in the kit are not food safe, but you can purchase more clay in hobby and craft stores that IS food safe. (just in case you want to make Grandma a mug or something). My kids were all pretty impressed with the Pottery Wheel and I was impressed that it held their attention for longer than 3 minutes. :)

Action Toys, Inc. has offered my readers a special promo code. To receive 20% off and get free shipping, enter the code BLG001 when you check out. This code will be good until May 31st.

Having a special needs toddler who gets 4 therapies a week, I especially like their fine motor toys like the award winning Crazy for Cupcakes!

Take a minute to check out their website and don't forget to take advantage of their special discount and free shipping with the code BLG001.

Happy Shopping!
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