Monday, May 25, 2009

Food for Thought

Just something to think about....

I was thinking today of loved ones who have passed away. This whole thought began when I felt a bit of sadness over not being able to go to the cemetery today where my son, sister, mother, stepmother, father and grandparents are buried. Then it reminded me of my Grandpa. He would spend the entire weekend hanging out at the cemetery. I swear, it was as though he literally pitched a tent. LOL He loved chatting with old friends and making new ones, sharing tales of years past, swapping war stories and so forth. It was a day that brought him such joy. So, I asked myself today, just what is Pap doing, on Memorial Day, in Heaven? I mean, there aren't cemeteries in Heaven, but it was something he loved to do, so what is he doing on a day meant for remembering those who have passed away? I am serious about this question!!!!! My husband thought it was a sick joke really and wondered why I was pondering such nonsense. So, Pap, when(if) I make it to Heaven, I'm gonna ask you what Memorial Day is like. ok?
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