Friday, May 1, 2009

So Busy

I am so busy. Well, I am not busy. Instead, I am totally distracted and having a terrible time focusing enough to accomplish anything. Thus, I look very busy, but in reality, I'm doing nothing. So many things happened in the last week, things I meant to blog about (that seemed funny at the time, but now that a few days passed by, perhaps not so much) and didn't or even forgot completely about all together.

Several things come to mind regarding the last week or so.

1. I visited with my brother, ended up staying the weekend last weekend and had a great, albeit short, visit.

2. I learned a LOT about my brother and some of it I'm glad to know, some of it not so much.

3. I learned a few things about myself in that whole weekend process.

4. My children missed me very much while I was gone. I had the warmest welcome home that made me smile for days.

5. I really need to get away more often. My husband is fully capable of caring for our family for a weekend. I must remind myself that it is ok.

6. I made plans to attend a memorial service sponsored by CORE, the organization that does organ donation. We are remembering our Mama, and smiling through tears knowing that her skin is now gracing many bodies, her eyes helped two people to see, a part of her lives on. My brother and I are doing this together and I am grateful I impulsively said yes, I'll go. While I second guess that decision, I know I will not back down as it is important to him.

7. Hope is growing by leaps and bounds and I get such joy out of just hearing her laugh.

8. I will note that my husband had knee surgery today (2nd time in a month) and I'm grateful t hat he is ok and healing well. ;)

Before I forget, I earned an award this week and am just getting around to posting it. ;-)

I got the Bloggy Buddy Award from Storm at All Things Cherished Thanks Storm, for thinking of me!

I am to pass it along, so I'd like to share this award with:

1. Mimi
2. Heidi
3. Cheryl
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