Monday, August 3, 2009

I feel like a loser Mom!

Oh my word. Today I had the most awkward experience, it's worthy of blogging about! My husband and I needed to chat about the kids and the transition information I received today, so we decided to head to our favorite hang out for chips, salsa and sodas. We figured we'd take Hope along so the older kids could have a break. All sounds good to this point, right? Weeellllll, Hope has been constipated and finally began to *go* today, but not without much effort. She *went* before we left and I thought the coast was clear. We got the restaurant and all was well, then Hope began to turn red and was bearing down so hard it resembled a woman giving birth. I knew what was following and it wasn't pretty. We decided that I'd take Hope to the bathroom. It's not bad yet...pretty typical for a three year old to be going through this, right? Well, Hope hasn't been changed in a public restroom for as long as I can remember. She's very good about not having accidents in public (she is NOT potty trained). She flipped OUT. I mean flipped OUT. It was as though I was trying to steal a random child. A restaurant employee was in there and was standing behind me just watching. I'm drenched in sweat. Hope smells terrible and is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in a very convincing "this woman is kidnapping me call 911" voice. The woman asked me Hope's name, so I told her and wouldn't you know it, Hope did NOT respond to her name when the woman chatted with her? HA! Yes, this child IS mine, I swear to you!!!! So I finally gave up after attempting to change her pants and took her back to our table in just her pullup and tshirt, as she had NOHTING to do with putting on her pants. I handed her to my husband and said "good luck honey, she isn't wanting me to change her". He said he could hear her all the way over at our table which was the farthest from the restrooms! Oh how embarassing!!!!!

He took her to the mens room and had little problem changing her. I am such a loser mom!

We did brainstorm to see if we could come up with a reason for her reaction and came up with her sensory issues. It was loud in the restroom with toliets flushing, water running and the automatic paper dispenser humming Then I originally sat her down on the counter, which has a big hole in the middle for trash (you know, the *hidden* trash can under the sinks accessible by the *hole*?) she was likely afraid she'd fall in it. THEN I pull down the changing table and attempt to put her on that thing? She was having NONE of that....

It was not pleasant.
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