Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Musings

First and foremost, I have a headache. I've had a headache for 3 days. It's not a migraine. It's just a headache. I'm tired of this headache and wish it would leave, pronto.

Second of all, I think I need a vacation. I'd prefer a family vacation, or at least one with my husband, but any will do. I used to think I wanted to sit on a beach with my feet in the sand, but reality sets in. I'm a large woman. A large woman doesn't easily sit on the beach, in a chair or on the sand. A large woman may be mistaken for a beached whale if she sits on the beach. Thus, this may not be the vacation of my dreams.

The new vacation of my dreams is to be in a country home with a large porch, with a few adirondack chairs on the deck. A foot rest is a must. Give me a side table, too. Someone must watch the children so I can relax, basking in the sunshine with a martini in my hand and a book in my lap. Yes, this would be the vacation I yearn for. Of course I'd have my cell phone with a good signal, so I could blog and log into facebook...Taking this fantasy further (it is my fantasy, after all), I'd be able to take a walk down a nicely groomed and mostly flat trail that leads to a shallow brook, perfect for wading. Yes, you may find me there, on a blanket, with my martini and book.

Here I sit, headache is still present. Hope is eating her second popsicle of the morning and watching Miss Spider. I'm contemplating what I shall tackle next. While I'd rather play on the computer or read my new magazine, I realize work awaits. I think I'll grab some advil first.
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